What we do

Social Media

If a tree falls in a forest, and there are no social media posts about it, did it even fall?

In a world where “if it’s on social media, it must be true”, brands can no longer take their social media presence lightly. We’re long past the stage of mantras about how every brands needs to be on social media, no matter what your field is or who your audience is. We have now moved into a digital world, where if you don’t bring your A-Game, you’ll get lost in the crowd sooner than you can say “But at least give it a shot”.


This is where we step in. Working on the assumption that each of your competitors and their grandmas are on social media, how can you claim market share not just on the shelves, but in the minds of your consumer, who is torn between infinite options. The solution – Be the brand they are looking for. Speak their language, get in tune with their visual aesthetic, cater to their specific needs and most importantly, listen to what they have to say. That’s just what we’re here to help with.

Consumer Research

There is no such thing as a new idea. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations.

Well, that’s what Mark Twain believed, anyway. What we believe is, whether it’s a brand new idea, or some permutation and combination of old ones put together, the only thing that really makes an idea viable in today’s market is your audience. The most “innovative” ideas can fall flat on their faces, while newer versions of tried and tested favourites can soar to heights their predecessors could only dream of.


What’s essential to every existing and new product alike, is to constantly stay in touch with your consumer and get a firsthand insight into the way they think, function and do/would interact with your brand. Agreed, navigating through these complex, ever-changing consumer mindsets is never easy. But then that’s why you have us.

Brand Development

Think of the last time you passed a stranger on the street, and then did a double take. Now think of why.

Was it their clothes, the way they carried themselves, the confidence their gait reflected? We’re pretty sure it wasn’t because they were super nice or kind or intelligent or efficient or charming, which they very well could be if you got to know them. Do you see what we’re getting at?

When it comes to double takes, appearance is everything. And when it comes to brands, first impressions really do last. As a brand reaching out to a new potential customer, the first step is always that double take. That special something that makes your consumer single you out from a crowd and wonder who you are. That ability to jump off the screen of a social media feed, that would make a person stop and say, “hey that looks cool, I wonder what it is”. That, ladies and gentlemen is your brand. And we’re here to build one that reflects all your best qualities in a cursory glance, and then reveals just how incredible you truly are.

Influencer Outreach

The basic principle of Influencer marketing - You scratch my back and I’ll let the world know how well you do it.

Let’s face it, while advertising is always a great way to reach out to the right people, brands often need a bit of an external boost. In fact, sometimes even the biggest brands in the world need a little help from their (customers’) friends.


As more and more people learn the sheer power of social media, the significance of a Social Media Influencer is becoming more and more pertinent. A good word from someone your audience follows religiously and trusts blindly can go a very long way in building their faith in your brand. Where do we come in? Our expertise lies in finding the perfect match for your brand, both in terms of the influencers themselves, as well as their audiences. We’ll pinpoint, we’ll communicate, we’ll have them execute to perfection.

Content Development

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention - Seth Godin

The cheat code to winning that contest is content!

Communication in the current digital age has moved away from selling. Today, it’s all about storytelling and being able to not only build an emotional connect with your audience, but also engage them in a two-way conversation rather than just a monologue (no matter how much we’d like to talk about ourselves).


To achieve this, content, as they say, is king. Content that represents your brand, engages your consumers, attracts new audiences and builds lasting relationships – that’s the kind of content you want your brand to put out. And that’s the kind of content we’ll help you create.

Web Design

We don't just sell websites, we create websites that SELL!

Okay, we may have borrowed this quote from one Dr. Christopher Dayagdag. But it’s a cool way of putting across exactly what we’d want to say. Having worked with websites across fields, from healthcare to hospitality, education to law – we can say with complete confidence (but not the cocky kind) that the websites we make do help sell.


Using our consumer research backgrounds, the web development team carefully sketches out the persona of your brand and works relentlessly to replicate that in your website. Why is that so important? Because a website is to your business what that awesome new shirt is to you… well almost. It looks great, it reflects who you are and helps build a first impression. Now if your shirt could also tell someone a bit about you and what you do, it would be exactly like your website.

Digital Advertising

In a world where your audience has a barrage of advertisements coming their way every second, no matter where they look, how then do you make them stop and notice you?

While most people probably associate ads with an earworm of a jingle, a catchy tagline (that you will then repeat to friends and family in the perfect setting) or a cute sardar kid who can’t seem to finish off his petrol, social media advertising is a whole different ball game. The point of that ad is not so much to remind you the brand exists. The point there is ‘What can you say, in these brief 2 sentences, that will make your audience member take action NOW?’. Click on the link, like the page or even buy the product – if it doesn’t happen now, it’ll be lost forever in the deep abyss that is the internet.


But thankfully, our friends at Facebook and Google have made sure that the means for you to do this seemingly impossible task not only accessible but also simple and effective. With the right targeting, content and visuals, you will not only reach exactly who you want to, but also make sure they do what you want them to. Why? Because you’re not blindly selling to them. You’re showing them a way of making their lives just a little bit better and nudging them in the direction they need to go to make that happen. That nudge, that’s what we do.