Sainsbury’s & VoxPopMe

About This Project


VoxPopMe, is a UK based research company that puts the researcher inside the world of the people who matter the most through the capture and intelligent analysis of short video responses either integrated in to existing surveys/feedback programmes or directly through the VoxPopMe app.


Research Study

VoxPopMe approached us to provide them with detailed analysis of video responses captured for a major supermarket brand in the UK. Consumers were asked to talk about their experiences with the brand, and the pain points experienced during their shopping experience. We analysed more than 200 video responses, and compiled them into a detailed report. The video responses were also used to profile the consumers, and understand their attitudes towards the brand. Based on the common themes that emerged through the study, we also created four-clear customer segments, which has further helped the brand to develop focussed communication and marketing strategies for each of the segment.