Here Maps

About This Project

Ethnographic Research for Nokia Here Maps


HERE Maps is a proprietary navigation app developed by Nokia. The engineers who design and develop the maps used by the app, were facing issues due to the outdated UI/UX of the softwares used to create the maps. In order to update the tools used by the engineers, we conducted ethnographic interviews with the engineers in order to understand their pain-points, and gather insights into how these tools can be improved. This study was undertaken in collaboration with Flamingo International – our research partner.


Qualitative Research


We interviewed 30 techies based out of Mumbai. The in-depth interview lasting around 2.5 hours, started off with observing them at their workplace, to talking about their work and the tools involved. We also spoke to them about things that they like to do outside of work. This helped us build a complete picture of the world they live in – the brands they like, the places they visit, their interests and hobbies. This helped us create a detailed profile of all the users of the software, and will help in generating clear insights in order to improve their user experience with the software.