Brand Rebrand: Bacardi Untameable

The History

The largest privately held, family owned spirits company in the world, has a deep heritage and an interesting history behind its rise. Founded in 1862, the company has spread its arms across more than 150 countries. Behind its image as a party drink, lies a rich political history going back to turbulent times faced by Cuba during the 1880s and 90s. The Bacardi Family’s fierce opposition to Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution forced them to leave their commercial assets behind and move base to Bermuda. Pick up a copy of Hernando Calvo Ospina’s Bacardi: The Hidden War, to know more about the Bacardi Empire’s political activities during the Cuban Revolution, and there on.


Inspiration for Bacardi’s logo came from founder Don Facundo’s wife, Amalia. According to Cuban and Spanish folklore, bats symbolize good health, fortune and family unity.


The Rebrand

The story began with a phone call from the Bacardí family asking us to create a book documenting their heritage, and ended with a global redesign that reconnects the brand and its audience with the richness and authenticity of this extraordinary story. Here Design


In 2014, the brand decided to move closer to its roots, and emphasize its rich Cuban heritage. The #Untameable campaign conceptualized by Here Design, embraces this rich heritage.

While the world was busy getting rid of brand clutter, and making things minimal, Bacardi boldly took strides the opposite way. The rebranding exercise, resulted in more intricacy to the Bat logo and a font type that dates back to 1900s. Not shying away from a highly detailed logo, the brand also added the phrase ‘Marca de fabrica’ (Trade mark) within the circular logo. The new labels and the bottles are based closely on those used in the nineteenth century.

Our Take

One of the boldest design moves, bucking the minimalist trend helped the brand achieve tangibility and trustworthiness. The imperfection adds to the authenticity and emphasizes the rich history behind the company – leading to consumers connecting with the brand, and grounding itself in its heritage.

Cheers to that!