About us

Through our lives, we’ve seen the Indian Consumer evolve. We’ve seen the shift from phone calls to emails, from on-ground interactions to web transactions, from local vendors to international suppliers. The one thing that has remained constant though, has been the inherent consumer mind-set that seems to enter us with our first breath – “chal naa”.

Let’s face it, we are all ‘Like that only’.

Here at The Yellow Compass we appreciate and welcome the Indian Consumer, mind sets et al, and help brands connect at a personal level with each one. We’re a young company who likes to think of itself as a baby (we know much more than babies, we promise!). We’re enamoured by all these strange people around us, our minds are open to absolutely anything the world may throw at us. We love bright colours and welcome new concepts. We have all the energy in the world and aren’t bound by pre-conceived notions of how things ‘should be’. We’re untainted by fear and are born into a world of contemporary awesomeness that we love to explore.

With an expertise in consumer psychology, we work with brands to create the most effective way for them to communicate with their customers and work towards building a relationship with them rather than a sale. Through research-driven attractive design, market analysis and customer centric communication, we point brands towards the channels best suited to their specific consumer base.


A glimpse of how we like to work.

  • 01 IDEATE

    We meet you to listen to your woes. To see what’s working for you, what isn’t. This is where we talk ideas. Out-of-the box, blue-sky ideas.


    We take these ideas back to our lab. This is where the abstract starts taking shape. We run experiments, pore over data, and do our research.


    We analyse the reams of data collected. Quantitative or (and) qualitative analysis. We look for common threads and patterns, outliers and aberrations.


    We put together our analysis and present our findings to you. This could be a presentation, a report, or just a conversation. No MBA jargon. No BS.


    Well, this one’s up to you. You could take our reports and file it in your cabinets. Or close your eyes and take a leap of faith.